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From Ines Robbers <>
Subject User Tracking in Portal
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 07:41:18 GMT

Hi there,

I'm  planning  a  portal  where the user is supposed to fullfill certain
tasks.  There  will be for instance an explanation on how to apply for a
visa.  After  reading  she  goes  and gets her visa, loggs back onto the
portal  and  makes a ckeckpoint next to the task. Next time she loggs on
the  system  tells  her what she has done (i.e. applying for a visa) and
which tasks she is still supposed to do.

The  thing is - these tasks are related to a timeline: All tasks have to
be  fullfilled  within  6  months.  Within certain time entities certain
tasks  have  to  be completed. If time has progressed and a task has not
been completed from before there should be a warning.

Is this possible with Cocoon? Which concepts do I have to look into?

Many thanks!!


(A very important feature is the personalization of content. Visitors to
the  site should be able to keep track of their activity at the web site
over  time,  to  know which areas they already visited, to get a general
overview  of  where  they  stand  timewise. With the implementation of a
checklist,  they should easily see which evaluation instances/tasks they
already  completed  and  which  are missing. They should also be able to
customize their home site, their screen preferences, their favorites.

·     Personification: tracking of user preferences, user documents,
user participation in forums
·     Tracking over time and user activity, with implementation of
checklists, reminders)
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