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From "I-Lin Kuo" <>
Subject RE: the url cannot be null
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 15:44:16 GMT
>I think you are missing
>	<sql:use-connection>connection-name</sql:use-connection>
>in testSQL.xml

Thanks for the suggestion but that's not it. I don't need to specify that in 
testSQL.xml if I supply it as a parameter to the SQLTransformer in the 
pipeline as I've done. Besides, it's the same file in both cases, but one 
runs and the other doesn't.

I did a little more searching and found the following on

Inheritance of components have been a little problem between some versions 
of Cocoon, it's now solved. But after experience, it's not so bad to keep 
the components you need in each sitemap, especially to have your own names 
for generators or transformers, and be able to move your app under any other 
sitemap, or put it directly as root."

So, maybe it's my SQLTransformer that's not being inherited in my 

I-Lin Kuo, Ann Arbor, MI
Macromedia Certified ColdFusion 5.0 Advanced Developer
Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer
Ann Arbor Java Users Group (

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