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From "Rajasekhar Atchutuni" <>
Subject Re: Proxy Redirect and sunshine module authentication
Date Tue, 27 May 2003 18:48:14 GMT
Hello all,

We have a web site and it is redirected by Apache using mod proxy which 
works fine.
        ProxyPass /mysite/
        ProxyPassReverse /mysite/ http://webserver:8080/cocoon/mysite/

But under mysite we have another module which uses the sunshine 
so when I go to http://webserver/mysite/administration, I am able to log in 
but when I click on any link it logs me out and in the URL it gives me this 
But when I go to the site using I am able to log in 
and click on all the links.
I am not sure why the %2Fcocoon is still being passed by the session.

I am at sea, can someone guide me with this.

Help appreciated.


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