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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject RE: FOPSerializer returning a blank page
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 19:30:17 GMT
Oh, you may also want to check the tomcat logs (or whatever you're using)
for the error.  And finally, if you don't get suggestions from anyone else,
I'd put all the blocks back in to see if it works again.


At 02:52 PM 5/8/2003, I wrote:
>Sorry, now you're down to the point where I have to actually know something!
>I just did a quick look at the FOP sources and don't see anything it could be
>relying on that would be excluded by the excludes below.
>The big obvious ones though are the fop jar, and fop blocks jar - they are 
>in WEB-INF/lib right?
>At 02:35 PM 5/8/2003, you wrote:
>>As I built this today, I excluded the following blocks. Can any of you see
>>if any
>>of these could cause the problem with FOPSerializer? (I'm trying to keep
>>the package as small as possible for our purposes). Shouldn't the blocks
>>be independent on each other though?

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