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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: cocoon2.1 on linux SuSe8.1
Date Mon, 05 May 2003 12:04:40 GMT
Starting with cocoon2.1 M1 (which is what I assume you are referring to) there
is only one distribution.  Cocoon is so highly configurable that this is the
only feasible way (currently - future releases of Cocoon will involve an 
solution that may enable binary distributions) to allow for them all.

Building/installing cocoon though is quite easy - read the INSTALL.txt in the
root directory.  It boils down to ./ and then optionally copying
the necessary files to the right location for your servlet container of
choice.  If you don't yet have a servlet container and want to test drive
cocoon right away, we ship a stripped down version of Jetty for this very
purpose.  To use it, simply do ./ servlet and check out

If you have specific problems or questions, write back here.

Geoff Howard

At 05:17 AM 5/5/2003, you wrote:

>Anybody knows how to install cocoon2.1 on Linux SuSe 8.1 fom the source 
>distribution? Or maybe you can tell me where to finde the cocoon2.1 binary 
>Many thanks,
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