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From Jorg Heymans <>
Subject Deli legacy profiles not merging
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 16:54:09 GMT
I have switched on deli for my configuration and got it working, although
only partially I think.
I have defined a few more legacyprofiles in the config file, and when I
switch on debugging I can see that the proper RDF file gets loaded from the
repository and put into the deli cache. (you can see this in the servlet
system out if you enable all debug in deliConfig.xml)
However, when using the deli_test.xsl stylesheet that comes with cocoon I
can't access the attributes defined in the RDF file. The stylesheet does
things like 
<xsl:if test="$deli-capabilities/browser/ScreenSize">
ScreenSize: <xsl:value-of
This however comes up empty in the browser, although my RDF profile contains
a setting for it 
  <rdf:Description ID="Profile">
      <rdf:Description ID="HardwarePlatform">
The only properties i can get are 
ColorCapable: Yes
TextInputCapable: Yes
ImageCapable: Yes
CcppAccept: image/gif, image/jpeg, text/html, 
BrowserName: Mozilla
TablesCapable: Yes
ImageCapable: Yes
Keyboard: Qwerty
StandardFontProportional: Yes
SoundOutputCapable: Yes
TextInputCapable: Yes
AcceptDownloadableSoftware: No
Vendor: Netscape
FramesCapable: Yes
Any thoughs on what is causing this ? I'm using cocoon 2.0.4 (minimal
version as explained on

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