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From "Albert Cervera Areny" <>
Subject match value substitution in sitemap
Date Thu, 22 May 2003 15:22:56 GMT
I have the following pipe in my sitemap:

<map:match pattern="page-*">
  <map:generate type="request"/>
  <map:transform type="addText">
    <map:parameter name="string" value="{1}"/>
  <map:serialize />

addText is a transformer I've made. But I get a couple of errors I can't
understant where they come from.

The first one is that the parameter string is initialized empty instead of
being the * string. Whereas if I use {../ID} (of the sunrise session) the
parameter is well initialized. Plus, I've used the match substitution in
other places in the sitemap and they work correctly (only, the transformer
is xslt).

Another problem is that if I serialize using the XML type, I get the
following error:
XML parsing failed xml processing instruction not at start of external
entity (2:0)

while if I use the standard serializer and check with xmllint the
resulting string it is xml. Has this something to do with namespaces or
the <? ?> declaration? How should I build correct xml code with the

Thanks for your suggestions!


Albert Cervera Areny
Dept. Informàtica Sedifa, S.L.

Av. Can Bordoll, 149
08202 - Sabadell (Barcelona)
Tel. 93 715 51 11

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