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From Luca Marchetti <>
Subject xsl:import and dynamically generated xslt
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 11:34:08 GMT
Hi all,
    I've got this problem: I have a pipeline that correctly generates a 
xslt stylesheet.

                    <map:match pattern="prova">
                        <map:generate src="tests/page2xml.xsl"/>
                        <map:transform src="tests/addimport.xsl"/>
                        <map:serialize type="xml"/>

This correctly generates this stylesheet:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <#>         <xsl:stylesheet 
              <xsl:import href="*page2xml.xsl*" />

What's the problem? in another pipeline I use this stylesheet, but if my 
transformer is
<map:transform src="test.xsl"/>
where test.xsl is the generated stylesheet all works perfectly,
if my trasformer is
<map:transform src="cocoon:/prova"/>
my <xsl:import> does not work, and on the server console I get an error: unknown protocol: cocoon
at org.apache.xalan.xsltc.compiler.Import.parseContents

So... why? anyone have experienced the same problem?

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