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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject Re: HTML serializer namespace problem
Date Sat, 24 May 2003 14:54:18 GMT
J.Pietschmann wrote:

> Alexander Schatten wrote:
>> hower, I do not understand what you mean with:
>>> You should not serialize XHTML as HTML,
> ...
>> Why shouldnt I serialize XHTML as HTML? I mean, the reason why I use 
>> Cocoon is, just because I want to serialize different sources to 
>> correct HTML??? And therefore the html serializer is used, no?
> XHTML is XML, not HTML. Your result sample had an XHTML
> namespace attached, therefore I assumed you wanted to
> generate XHTML instead of HTML.
> It seems you have XHTML snippets embedded in the source
> which were copied through somehow.
yes, off course I have: this is the idea of Cocoon, isn't it: inside the 
pipeline everything is X(HT)ML; I use a XSL document that generates the 
"frame": navigation, header, footer, and HTML generator creates XHTML 
documents out of available HTML documents, hence parts of those 
documents (everything inside the <BODY> in this case) is copied 
(xsl:copy-of) into the new naviation frame, header, body generated by 
the XSL...

so in the end of the pipeline I have, as always with Cocoon (when 
publishing to html) XHTML, this is completly clear, but then I use the 
HTML serializer to create HTML out of this XHTML.
So in my opinion the purpose of this serializer is (among others) to 
remove (or modify) everything from the document that is not HTML 
compliant and generate a correct HTML document-

And this is precisly what it does not do under certain circumstances, as 
my Code Snippet shows.


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