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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: HTML serializer namespace problem
Date Thu, 22 May 2003 11:16:44 GMT
What about Bugzilla? A testcase would be really helpful.


Alexander Schatten wrote:
> wrote:
>> I'm also seeing the same behavior in 2.1. I didn't see this in 2.0.4.  To
>> get the html to match I have to use a namespace where I didn't in 2.0. 
>> The HTMLGenerator generates html using the XHTML namespace. I strip off
>> everything except what is in between the body tags. The first element
>> after the body tag is a form tag and it comes out as
>> <form xmlns="" ...>
> unfortunately the current milestone of 2.1 seems to have a real weird 
> html generator behaviour, at least, I did not manage to get it work 
> correctly. but the problem is very hard to describe. it worked with 
> namespaces in one case and did not work in an extremly similar, 
> practically identical case...
>> If you could generate a sample stylesheet that leaves what is between the
>> body tags and doesn't exhibit this behavior I'd be most grateful.
> yes, but this is only the second best solution: the best solution 
> obviously would be if the serializer removes such attributes correctly, 
> as this has nothing to do with standard HTML, dont you think so?
> alex


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