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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject Re: HTML serializer namespace problem
Date Thu, 22 May 2003 08:13:07 GMT wrote:

>I'm also seeing the same behavior in 2.1. I didn't see this in 2.0.4.  To
>get the html to match I have to use a namespace where I didn't in 2.0. 
>The HTMLGenerator generates html using the XHTML namespace. I strip off
>everything except what is in between the body tags. The first element
>after the body tag is a form tag and it comes out as
><form xmlns="" ...>
unfortunately the current milestone of 2.1 seems to have a real weird 
html generator behaviour, at least, I did not manage to get it work 
correctly. but the problem is very hard to describe. it worked with 
namespaces in one case and did not work in an extremly similar, 
practically identical case...

>If you could generate a sample stylesheet that leaves what is between the
>body tags and doesn't exhibit this behavior I'd be most grateful.
yes, but this is only the second best solution: the best solution 
obviously would be if the serializer removes such attributes correctly, 
as this has nothing to do with standard HTML, dont you think so?


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