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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: xsp esql gives escaped output (its request param problem?)
Date Mon, 26 May 2003 13:24:05 GMT
On 25.May.2003 -- 03:05 PM, Stavros Kounis wrote:
> after many combination i can't reach something that work
> i think that the problem is how xsp get request parameters
> so i had to go one level up and test the part of my xsp that get the
> parameters.
> using a simple .xsp that just echo the content of a req-par i cant find
> until now the right combination that will show me in browser the (greek)
> content of a req-par. (xml is the serialization i use for xsp)
> first
> i have try to change all encodings for serializers in main sitemap to
> iso-8859-7 (without success)
> second
> i have try to change all this to utf-8 and follow the how-to in
> (without success too)
> based on:
> i have put the follow instructions in web.xml:
> 		<init-param>
> 			<param-name>container-encoding</param-name>
> 			<param-value>iso-8859-7</param-value>
> 		</init-param>
> 		<init-param>
> 			<param-name>form-encoding</param-name>
> 			<param-value>UTF-8</param-value>
> 		</init-param>

According to the wiki site you are referring to this should be
iso-8859-1 for the container-encoding and utf-8 for the form
encoding. But then you would need to set the serializers to utf-8 as
well. Have you checked that the page with the form contains a valid
<meta/> tag for the encoding? According to the wiki the html page
needs to have a <head/> or the serialized will not add the encoding

> now i'm consider to give up, if i can't send requsts (in greek) how can i
> go further, and finish this project using php or asp.

I would expect that you will hit the same encoding problems with other
systems as well.

> is it possible for cocoon to handle requests in other encodings (we care about greek)?

Definately : yes.

> is this a tomcat or java problem?

>From what I understand the browser not indicating the encoding but
using the same as the page with the form is the problem.

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