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From "Gabriele Domenichini" <>
Subject Resources & cocoon protocol
Date Sun, 18 May 2003 18:17:44 GMT
Apparently resources & cocoon protocol can be used in alternative to
modularize sitemaps and avoid duplication of code inside a sitemap.
I have some doubts about the differences between them.
I theory when you call a resource the flow doesn't return to the point in
which was started as stated:

<citation source="">
However resources are not like a macro, which might describe a pipeline
fragment. The flow of processing does not return from the point at which
the resource is called. Therefore a resource must be a complete pipeline,
or must invoke another resource which is a complete pipeline. To put this
differently, a resource is called and this call must eventually end up at
a Serializer or Reader. The call may progress through several other
resources which might, for example, contain Selector or Actions that
further affect the flow of processing but must end up at a pipeline
terminating component. 

But in the document
the resources they are used in a way theorically incorrect because they
are called inside a pipeline that then use its results and to do this the
flow must return to the pipeline that call the resource. Am I wrong?

If I'm wrong (of course I'll be :-)) which is the best thing to use
regarding performance, cacheing, code cleaning etc. between resources and
the cocoon protocol?
Thank you

  Gabriele Domenichini

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