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From "Jonny Becker" <>
Subject i18n - Favour
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 09:10:25 GMT

this might be a dumm and lazy question but I don't quite get the i18n-Transformer and I have
a seminar-presentation for school next week. I've already got some examples and I wanted to
present a end page in html that one can look at in different languages.

Something like the cocoon example with some names of countries to click on and text like "thanks
for your attendance" that can be viewed in different languages.
Since I don't get the i18n-Transformer I wanted to ask Iif someone could "donate" me some
simple example code for my task.

Another question: I also quite don't get this mail archive. How do I reply to answers on my
questions, since I don't get mails in reply?

Next question: I have a PowerPoint presentation (60 pages) about Cocoon written in german
with some nice animations. I think its a pretty good presentation. If anyone wants it, I could
mail it to you.



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