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From "Spectron International, Inc." <>
Subject JDOM and Cocoon
Date Tue, 06 May 2003 13:38:05 GMT
I have a servlet generator that looks like this:

class MyServletGenerator{
    private Document doc=new Document(new Element("page"));
    // set up the document
    void prepare(){  }
    public void generate() throws IOException, SAXException,
ProcessingException {
      try {
        // send document
        SAXOutputter outputter = new SAXOutputter(contentHandler);
      } catch(Exception ex) {
        throw new ProcessingException("Error converting document to SAX
stream", ex);

It seems to me that since Cocoon uses XML everywhere there must be a better
way (more efficient) way of doing this. Maybe there is a cache of JDOM
objects somewhere in Cocoon that I can use, just like the Datasources, so I
dont have to create the JDOM object on every request. I don't know I'm just


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