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From "Ryan Thoma" <>
Subject Cocoon Caching: Can I Config Caching on a 2nd Drive for Very Large Files?
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 18:11:34 GMT

Hello all,

First off, I'm fairly new to Cocoon, but I'm VERY impressed!  Great job
Cocoon contributors!

I have a couple questions on configuring Cocoon Caching (note: I'm
running on Cocoon 2.1 Dev).
1) I would like cocoon to cache all files out to a 2nd drive (i.e. not
the one that cocoon is installed and running on).  Is this possible?
How to I config this? 

2) What is the best way to tell cocoon to "purge" it's entire cache
(i.e. every Sunday night), while running in a production environment?

FYI: I'm building VERY large PDF files (~5 MB's each).  They will not go
"stale" for at least a week (or more) and take a very long time to
generate.  The same file may be requested many times in the same week,
so I was hoping to serve this file from a second drive -- to avoid disk
I/O contention with the main drive and therefore improve the overall
performance of the site.

Thanks (in advance for your input),

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