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From <>
Subject Re: XSL problem...again :(
Date Sat, 10 May 2003 16:30:07 GMT
Many many many thanks :)

The code you supllied worked just fine, without any changes!

> I don't understand your logic behind this code. What says you that $aux
> is not working? In general don't use the variable construct as above,
> but use <xsl:variable name="aux" select=."/>.

Yes that's the problem we're not getting the $aux value, we will try that
constructor althought.

>Otherwise you create a
> Result Tree Fragment, which can't be handled like a node-set
> ( Maybe this or
> an explicit string conversion ( [string(Id) = string($aux)] ) already
> solves your problem.

We're trying to fix that, and we're reviewing our XML source data because
it's a little bit confusing...

I'll do some testing and I'll report it here

thanks again!

Joao Cesar

Computer Science Student @ Universidade de Lisboa, PORTUGAL

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