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From "Gautam Ganguly" <>
Subject Modular database action in Cocoon-2.1-against Oracle??
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 23:00:26 GMT
hi all,
   I am trying to run the modular database sample app(under
samples/databases/mod-db area) that comes with cocoon-2.1 and it works
fine .To test it against Oracle database..i think i have reached a road
  Main issues are:Oracle doesn't allow for auto-increment keys to be
setup unless you do it through triggers.I can easily go ahead and write
all these set of code in ESQL but then i want to avoid that part.On my
part i just created the whole schema without auto-increment and changed
the xsp files..and the descriptor files too.But the only thing that
seems to be working is the ESQL code but when i try to add or update
records nothing seems to happen.
  I did trying looking around wiki area..but the closest i got to, was
using OraAddAction and OraUpdateAction but then those are not modular!! 
If any one among you have used these  modular database actions against
oracle can give me some suggestion as to the best way to go about using would be of great help.
 Thanking all of you once again!!

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