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From Boon Hian Tek <>
Subject Re: Help with serverpages generator.
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2003 15:34:13 GMT
Hi Geoff,

> Can you send the relevant snippet of your xsp (where you get
> your session object?)
Thanks for your help in advance.
  UserModel um;
  public UserModel getUser() {
    if ( != null) {
  Session session = request.getSession(true);
    UserModel um = (UserModel) 
session.getAttribute(ILoginAction.MAGIC_KEY_USER); = um;
  return um;
I then use <xsp:expr>getUser().getId()</xsp:expr> for example to get the 
user ID

> Also, if you are doing any caching code in your xsp (implementing
> the caching methods) you'll need to send that.  If you are not
> doing anything cache related there, there should be no caching
> happening of any kind, regardless of your pipeline set up.
No, I am not doing anything like that...
I have seen it being cached even when all I did in the XSP was
<xsp:expr>new Date()</xsp:expr>
Maybe I have some really serious configuration issue some where.
I just wanted to know that it wasn't some weird known bug. If it
is some bad configuration I made, serve me right ;b
I will let you know if I manage to fix this.
Really, thanks for your help.

> Either you have found a very nasty bug, or something totally unrelated
> is going wrong.  For instance:
> - double check your browser settings to confirm this is not client-side
> caching.
Double checked it with Mozilla 1.3, Phoenix 0.5, and Opera 7.1beta.
Not caching.

> - are you going through any kind of proxy that could be caching results?
No, I am not.
> I lean toward the unrelated problem by the way, because lots of people 
> are
I do too :)

> using 2.1 head and no problems like this have been reported.  How did you
> aquire head?  If checked out from cvs, what module name did you use?


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