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From "Adam Shelley" <>
Subject is cocoon the right tool?
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 22:40:14 GMT

I've been looking around the net for something that will help me solve the
problem of displaying xml datasets (varying in size: the larger it can
handle the better. Is upto 5-10MB reasonable?) on a custom web page.

I must be able to page through these documents via html and also output them
to PDF.  The problem is the size.  I could easily do this with xml/xslt
using dom but there is probably going to be some memory/speed problems.  Can
cocoon serve large documents reasonably?

The XML data is generated via a users request through a web page to a text
based system.  The data returned will be a 1-XXXX with aprox: 40-50 lines
per page report where it might look like this:





Once i have transormed it to XML it will look something like this:  (could
also have identifiers for line number / page numbers etc.)



These files will be stored on the webserver's file system under
userid_reportX (they've authenticated) where x is a report number.  I will
allow them N amount of reports to be kept on the file system before they are
forced to delete them.  Or this is the initial plan.  Haven't implemented
anything yet.

Any input regarding this particular problem would be appreciated.


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