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From "Alten, Jelle Paul (sds-sp)" <>
Subject Serializers sometimes stoppes halfway serializing.
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 13:37:16 GMT
Hi listies,

Does anybody else have this problem? 
Sometimes the serializers won't output all the xml/html, even though all the
generators and transformers worked fine. The serializers work fine for most
requests, but not all. Same pipeline works with and without errror.

It just stoppes halfway the stream. For example: 
<a href="DOC-Quality%20Plan.html"><a id="link"
href="DOC-Quality%20Plan.html">Quality Plan</a></a></li><li><a
href="DOC-Risk%20Log.html"><a id="link" href="DOC-

that's where the doc ends. Nothing proper HTML or XML at all.

using win2000, tomcat 4.1.12, cocoon 2.0.4

this is the pipeline that works 95% of the time... Hope it will work 100%
some day.

            <map:match pattern="OP2/*.html">
                <map:act type="resource-exists">
                    <map:parameter name="url" value="content/{1}.xml"/>
                    <map:aggregate element="page" label="aggregate">
                        <map:part element="top"
src="cocoon:/static/header.xml" strip-root="no"/>
                        <map:part element="bottom"
src="cocoon:/static/footer.xml" strip-root="no"/>
                        <map:part element="info"
src="cocoon:/info/{../1}.xml" strip-root="no"/>
                        <map:part element="navigation"
src="cocoon:/nav/{../1}.xhtml" strip-root="yes"/>
                        <map:part element="body"
src="cocoon:/content/{../1}.xhtml" strip-root="yes"/>
                    <map:transform src="transforms/html-only.xsl"/>
                    <map:transform src="transforms/finalstep.xsl"/>
                <map:generate src="statichtml/NietGevonden.xhtml"/>
                <map:serialize status-code="404"/>

Any suggestions?


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