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From Jeff Lowery <>
Subject RE: Python questions
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 18:06:35 GMT
>> (1) generate XML from the text file 
> > (2) transform the XML using an XSLT script to produce SVG-XML
> yes

Good. I'm not as confused as I feel, then.

> > For (1) I'm using a python script.  I've looked at the one 
> in the samples
> > file, so I think I know how to use the BSF methods for 
> producing the XML
> > output. 
> Are you producing dynamic content, i.e. do the text files 
> change all the
> time? 

Not necessarily, but new text files would get uploaded frequently.

> Or are you transforming them only once to XML, and use 
> them to produce
> your Graphics. If so, I would use a standalone Python program 
> to produce the
> XML, and then let Cocoon do the rest. (I never used Jython, 
> but am a great
> fan of Python).

I've thought about using a Python daemon to watch an upload directory, but
that seems inefficient and besides I don't know how to tell Cocoon to wait
for a XML file to be created.

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