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From Jeff Lowery <>
Subject Python questions
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2003 22:24:20 GMT
These are (I hope) newbie questions:

I'm trying to create an svg file from a non-XML text file.  This is how I
think it goes:

(1) generate XML from the text file 
(2) transform the XML using an XSLT script to produce SVG-XML

For (1) I'm using a python script.  I've looked at the one in the samples
file, so I think I know how to use the BSF methods for producing the XML

One thing I don't understand is how is converted to hello.xhtml via
mapping in sitemap.xmap. For one, there is no mention of the PythonGenerator
in either the .xconf or any .xmap file that I have found.  Assuming that
it's built-in and triggered by the .py file extension, then my next question
is how is the output formatted?  It looks as though the  simple-xml2html.xsl
transform is applied to the XML produced by, but I can't track how
that is specifically determined via the mappings.

Another problem I have is that the python script uses "from __future__
import generators", which I'm pretty sure Jython 2.1 will not handle.  Is
there anyway to wrap a Python 2.2 process call in Cocoon?

I understand (2) well enough.  If I could just generate that initial XML
file, I'd be set.

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