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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: Marketing Cocoon or: My first, my second and my current impression - request for comments
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2003 20:11:19 GMT
Hello everyone, hello Torsten,

maybe it is because of the names but I made more or less the same 

...not really, because my first apache (not yet still in the incubator) 
project was lenya (formally known as Wyona, formally known as XPS).

I was lucky there was my friend *"who knows all about Java"*. So he 
explained me how to get started. Back then (1 year ago) the how to 
install wyona was unix only. No problem?

Do you think that somebody that haven't be in touch with unix or linux 
at all will understand that? In my opinion the answer will be NO! Why 
should he/she? So I started to google my way from installing Java, to 
install Tomcat, to install ant and to install wyona (cocoon).

After that the real Google got "hits per second" from the client I was 
sitting at. I started the app and half of the stuff was working. I 
studied the code of the working pubs. Because it was an University 
project I was working with a friend. We started to make our first app 
and then wyona was updating from cocoon 1 to 2.*. All the stuff we did 
was useless. Another try was really hard -> wyona is based on cocoon 
(more or less), To that time I had heard about cocoon but didn't really 
know what is was good for. Oh by the way the same was true for XML. ;-). 
We did some work that we committed to the wyona community. Since then I 
commited on a regular bases and suddendly I was a committer.

Since then I have read about 20-50 Books about XML, XSLT, DTD, SCHEMA, 
XPointer, XLink, X_whatever, Cocoon. Like you stated, Torsten, there is 
a lot of reading for everybody that want to use Open Source! I really 
don't want to decide whether that is good or bad for Open Source but I 
think it is just a bigger barrier to use OS.

Speaking of barriers what are the barriers for cocoon user?
This page is a wiki page. Feel free to edit it.

What is a wiki? Wiki is in Ward's original description: The simplest 
online database that could possibly work. It is based on the concept of 
"open editing".

If someone wants a better documentation then should the one who is 
learning something new write an article within the wiki.

King regards

Boon Hian Tek wrote:

>Torsten Schlabach said:
>>I’ve been watching this sentence for more than a year now:
>>[“Come back often...this guide is being updated regularly.”]
>>It’s from the Cocoon website. (If you don’t know by heart where it
>>stands: Try to find it without a search facility!) It did not change
>>since I am watching it. Why don’t we start delivering on that promise?
>Just want to say that I felt VERY similar these past few weeks.
>Went through a lot of the similar experiences dealing with Cocoon.
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King regards

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