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From "Upayavira">
Subject Re: Help: XML Searching/Indexing with Cocoon
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 22:09:03 GMT

> I saw this, but it only defines what should be indexed. You would then
> define in cocoon.xconf as configuration to cocoon-xml-indexer
> <store-fields>title</store-fields>
> <store-fields>summary</store-fields>
> At least that is my interpretation of the source code of the XML
> indexer. But that piece of XML does not contain any URL that should be
> returned if the search finds some text in title or summary? So how
> should it work then?

As you can see from:

The feature I want is only present in 2.1, i.e. to display some useful text along with the

> the search would maybe return the URL that produced this XML?
> But in my case it crawls URLS and still does not return these URLS.
> > I only spotted this a few days ago (original message 18 March), but
> > have not yet got a  response to my posting of a few days ago.
> I'm not sure whether you need these "well-known" view names "content"
> "links" or both?

Okay. In cocoon.xconf you need to specify a view that is used to gather content and a 
view that is used to gather links for crawling.

I found that, even if I specified the content link as 'lucene-content', it still used the

'content' view. So it seems best to make sure that the content view returns exactly 
what you want to have indexed.

Here's my extract from cocoon.xconf:

 <cocoon-crawler logger="">
  <lucene-xml-indexer logger="">

Hope that helps.


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