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From David Kavanagh <>
Subject Re: SourceResolver
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 21:00:44 GMT
Actually, Charles was right on the money. When I can move to 2.1, I 
will, but our current project is short term and we can't tolerate some 
of the stuff that comes with development versions. I'm going to pass the 
Source for now. In the future, I'd rather grab the SourceResolver from 
the ComponentManager.


Upayavira wrote:

>On 7 Apr 2003 at 16:08, David Kavanagh wrote:
>>I'm using the SourceResolver to call a cocoon pipeline in my sitemap.
>>It resolves the pipline OK when called within the Action that is
>>supplying the resolver, but if I pass the resolver to another thread
>>to process a pipeline in the background, it doesn't work. I haven't
>>found it in the code yet, but it seems like the resolver is being
>>cleaned up after the act() call. Is it reasonable to use the resolver
>>in the act() method, then pass the resulting Source object to my other
>>thread? I'm going to play with that, but I'm looking for a sanity
>I'm pretty new to this stuff too, but I wonder - I presume you're getting the source 
>resolver from the component manager? Could you pass the component manager to 
>the thread when you set it up, and let it resolve its own sources?
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