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From "Peter Klotz" <>
Subject Re: Help: XML Searching/Indexing with Cocoon
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 08:00:44 GMT

OK I understand the "content" view and that seems to work, at least I get
the index generated. But the "links" view, I don't understand whether and
how I need it? The content usually contains the links (URLs) already and I
see that the crawler follows these links. what happens there what not?

Also in the search example webapp the "links"-view is defined as taking
the result from each pipeline ("last"), which only makes sense for HTML.
But in my normal XML there is no URL as I'm using my own "ID"-attributes.
I wanted to generate my links by applying a stylesheet on the data to
index in order to generate URLs from the id-attributes so that the crawler
can find somehting. But I certainly don't want to duplicate each pipeline
in order to do this foreach pipeline.

I even wouldn't need a crawler necessarily so is there a way to give
Lucene the data in its index format with the data and the URLs in one
something like

  <element href="<url>">
with the meanning that if Lucene finds some text in label or description
that it would present the url as search result link.

Thanks, Peter

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