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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Sending Mail from a Cocoon Webapp
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 08:04:16 GMT
On 17.Apr.2003 -- 09:06 AM, Torsten Schlabach wrote:
> Dear list,
> my apologies first if I missed anything. I thought I understood cocoon
> architecture and I have searched the archives as well before asking this here. I
> found a lot of posts but nothing that answered my question.
> Like a lot of other people I would like to send E-Mails from a Cocoon
> webapp.
> I understand that there are two distinct approaches
> - The SendMail-Action
> - The SendMail-Logicsheet
> I also understand that they are not supposed to work together but are two
> different approaches to the same problem.
> I finally understand that one would mostly want to use the XSP Sendmail
> Logicsheet because there is a number of limitations around the SendmailAction.
> (Correct me if any of this is wrong.)

Hopefully, this will be gone in a short time.... (watch this space ;-)

> Now I tried the Logicsheet, but all it does for me is to send an XML
> document to the browser that looks like this:
> -
> 	<page>
> -
> 	<sendmail:send-mail>

<snip what="rest of XSP"/>

This is because -- different from all other included logicsheets --
the sendmail logicsheet needs to added to cocoon.xconf. Apparently, it
hasn't been applied to your XSP.

> What I have trouble understanding: I cannot find anything in the Logic Sheet
> that would call any Java API to actually send the mail?!? Or did I look in
> the wrong place? Also, just in case this is supposed to happen via Magic, I

Looks like you haven't looked at sendmail.xsl

> checked the errors log for any Class not found exception or any other error,
> but found nothing.
> There is the tutorial by Perry Molendijk at
> that I followed but what I have
a hard time
> understanding there is why I would want a XSL file in there, why the XSL file is
> supposed to be the resource, why the URL
> http://localhost:8080/cocoon/xsp/sendmail should call anything though this is not in
the sitemap etc. Leaves more
> questions open than it answers.
> I volunteer to write an actionable tutorial for the Cocoon website if anyone
> helps me with that. Treat this as a promise.

Deal. Just wait little more and you'll get an improved logicsheet,
improved action and samples for them in Cocoon 2.1-dev (Yes, there are
even docs in queue but they need to be updated to the latest changes)

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