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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Modular database actions
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2003 15:06:30 GMT
On 16.Apr.2003 -- 04:51 PM, Frank Taffelt wrote:
> > One major concern is performance. Therefore SQL statements are cached
> > for future reference. Allowing the number of arguments to change would
> > prevent us from keeping the SQL and we would need to parse the
> > descriptor file and assemble the SQL again and again.
> Ok, performance is a good point. But what about usability? IMHO, the
> philosophy of "update the whole table or nothing" does not suit real life.
> Such a feature (maybee optional, default turned off) could prevent people to
> switch into an other world (the world of persistence frameworks) and let
> them use the the possibities and easy syntax of mdba instead.

Well, so let's hear your use-case. Please include the full round-trip
of the data in case it is edited by the user. How would you like to
specify, which columns are to be updated? (or inserted for that
matter) Please bear in mind that checking for "absence" of parameters
requires to iterate through all parameter names. On top of that, this
is a loose contract for input modules since some of them are not able
to provide this information (i.e. JXPath-based modules).

Actually, the only way I currently see is to make aliases a little
more easy to write -- i.e. not copy column specs. OTOH this could well
be done by XSLT :-)

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