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From Steven Punte <>
Subject [ANN] JXReports: Java Excel Report Solutions
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 21:53:54 GMT
To Cocooon Users and Developers:   Due to the high interest in the MS Excel Reports on Apache
Cocoon article, an assoicate of mine and are are now formally support this technology and
soutions at JXReports.   In a nutshell, we will provide a complete solution deployed as a
war file especially targeted towards non-standard siutaiton.           Sincerely:        
       Steven P. Punte Steven P. Punte
JXReports: Java Excel Report Solutions
Simple, Quick, Professional!
+1.707.874.1028  voice
+1.707.486.8786  cell/voicemail     Simple. Quick. Professional. 

Need professional reports fast?
Need data in a format your employees and clients can use immediately?
Need easy integration with your J2EE system?

Welcome to JX Reports.

JX Reports is a custom reporting solution that exactly meets your reporting needs.

JX Reports combines the best of the open J2EE standard with the superior desktop tools by
Microsoft. By relying on the tried-and-true technology of the J2EE platform and Microsoft
Excel, we have more time to focus on the specifics of your business problem. 

In essence, JX Reports is the glue between your disparate data sources and the rich application
of Microsoft Excel.

JX Reports is both the solution and the toolkit we use to create that solution. It is lightweight,
efficient and inexpensive. We build and install your custom JX Reports quickly and with minimum
hassle. You get professional reports with minimum headache and delays.

And because we leverage the Apache Cocoon publishing framework for J2EE, your JX Reports solution
is scalable, modular, flexible and will adapt to your future reporting needs.

We can't think of a better way to provide a dynamic, robust and simple reporting system at
a cheaper price.

For more information, visit our website >>

Or contact: 

JX Reports
Daniel McQuillen
tel: +1.510.393.2623



See the JX Reports engine in action at the JX Reports site.


JX Reports is a report-building service provided by CandelLight Software and Blue Pattern.
For more information:    tel: 510.393.2623   e-mail:    

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