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From Kavitha Ramesh <>
Subject Re: Session Management in cocoon
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 13:42:59 GMT

Thanks a lot!
 Christopher Painter-Wakefield <> wrote:
1) The EncodeURL Transformer will append the jsessionid to each URL, as
necessary (that is, if the browser has cookies turned off). See
for usage. There was a bug in earlier versions of this, that wouldn't
append the jsessionid on the first request, but that may be fixed now.

2) I believe Cocoon doesn't manage sessions, that is handled by the servlet
engine (Tomcat, for most folks). See the docs for your servlet engine.

3) Basically you can work with sessions in Cocoon just like you can in any
Java servlet. For most components, you'll need to get the session from the
request object. E.g., in an XSP page, you can do
(String) request.getSession().getAttribute("foo");
org.apache.cocoon.environment.Session session = request.getSession();

etc. See for API.

There is also a session logicsheet for XSP, which may be useful in some


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Hi Users,

1)When a user logs in in a loginpage, Can cocoon create jsessionid by
itself and append it in the URI?Because I do this manually by a servlet
and then wrap around the pipeline,,,

2)How does cocoon manage the session?

3)Pls give me some ideas abt sessions in cocoon,,,


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