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From "Peter Klotz" <>
Subject Help: XML Searching/Indexing with Cocoon
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 13:16:59 GMT

(Cocoon 2.0.4)
I'm trying to generate a index such that a search would present me usefull
results. I have a pipeline that provides me all the XML content that I
want to index on. I found out that I have to have URLs in there that I
would later want to get as a result instead of just the content. So I see
that the Cocoon crawler looks for these URLs and retrieves them. But still
I get back as search result the URL that I used to retrieve the starting
XML data.
This is of course not at all what I want!

Probably I'm not understanding something principal here. I have defined a
view with label "content" and that label is defined in all generators that
provide the XML data.

<map:view name="content" from-label="content"
  <map:serialize type="links"/>

I can also see that when I use some url?content-view=content
that I get the correct XML content back, so that view seems to work.
Is that enough or do I have to use a "links" view?
BTW, I'm using the create-index.xsp and SearchGenerator from the
search-Sample in Cocoon.

Now the question is how can I specify what the result of a search should
look like, where do the links that I can click on as a result come from?
I thought that when I provide href="" in the XML to index these URLs will
be served when the string I'm searching on appears in the element that has
this link or?
Is there a way to look what's in the binary index files?

Please, please anybody explain this in a bit more detail!

Thanks, Peter

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