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From "Peter Klotz" <>
Subject Docbook XSL not rendered with neither FOP nor jfor
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 14:28:42 GMT

has anybody a working example of using the DocBook XSL with Cocoon 2.0.4?
I generate a Docbook XML document but I am not able to render it to HMTL,
PDF, Chunked HTML nor RTF. In all cases I get exceptions like
"conversion factor not found for '%' units"

I'm using docbook-xml version 4.2, should be up-to-date.
I am using the normal Xalan 2.3.x that comes with Cocoon 2.0.4. I tried to
use 2.4.x but I could not make it run with Cocoon. Is there a known
problem in this area?

I'm pretty sure that my DocBook XML itself is ok because I can convert it
to XSL-FO. Only the last rendering step to PDF or RDF (using jfor) fails.
And the HMTL XSL do not work.

Does anybody have another set of XSL for DocBook?

Please, please help somebody!

Thanks, Peter

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