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From "g[R]eK" <>
Subject Re[2]: Problem with indent
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 15:24:46 GMT
Hello Joerg,

March 13, 2003, 08:22:55 AM, you wrote:

JH> g[R]eK wrote:
>> Hi J.Pietschmann,
>> JP> Try
>> JP>    <indent>yes</indent>
>> It isn't working, the output is same :-(

JH> Of course it changes nothing with encoding, you wrote "Problem with indent" 
JH> in the mail subject.

I remind to you. I have 2 problems:
1st With encoding
2nd With indent in output (output doesn't have indents)

>>>>                                <encoding>UTF-8</encoding>
>> JP> This should be the default.
>>>>And in output I have some chars encoded as entities. How Can
>> JP>  > I force Cocoon to encode my language (polish) chars
>> JP> What is "correctly? If you mean you don't want to have
>> JP> HTML entities: you can't (unless you are willing to pull
>> JP> some tricks which take some time to explain)
>> Look:
>> <table class="footer">
>> <tbody>
>> <tr>
>> <td>
>>         Some footer... bla bla
>> Zaż&oacute;łcić gęsią jaźń</td>
>> </tr>
>> </tbody>
>> </table>
>> This is what I get from cocoon HTML Serializer, but I want to have this:
>> <table class="footer">
>> <tbody>
>> <tr>
>> <td>
>>         Some footer... bla bla
>> Zażółcić gęsią jaźń</td>
>> </tr>
>> </tbody>
>> </table>
>> The difference is enity '&oacute;'. Interesting is that the cocoon is encoding
some of my language letters (like 'ę',
>> 'ż') correctly. That is to say, it is encoded as char not as entity.

JH> I know that I often mix the identifiers/correct names, but I will try to 
JH> explain:
JH> &oacute; is only another representation of ó. &oacute; is the character 
JH> entity, while ó is the character. But they represent the same character and 
JH> a browser correctly parsing the HTML should show both in the same way. But 
JH> there is no problem if Cocoon delivers the HTML in the above way.

JH> Now remains the question, why the browser isn't doing this. Do you have a 
JH> <meta> tag specifying the encoding 'UTF-8' in your HTML code? If yes, is the

JH> browser not UTF-8 aware? Or does it prefer the encoding specified in the 
JH> response header and this is different or/and wrong?

This is my meta tag:
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

I think it is proper.
But problem is another that you think.
Browser is displaying my page correctly, that is not a problem.
Problem is caused by the entites like "&oacute;" because its size is 8 bytes,
but character ó have size 1 or 2 bytes. It is big difference, when ó character
is repeating much times.
I hope, you know what I say?

JH> I think Mozilla is a very good browser to test this. On a page you can have 
JH> a look at the properties of the page via 'view page info' in context menu, 
JH> view/page info in the main menu or ctrl + i via keyboard. There is written 
JH> as which encoding the page was recognized. Furthermore you can force Mozilla 
JH> to show the page in another encoding to see the effects, what happens if 
JH> it's recognized correctly (or not).

Encoding is recognized correctly, in IE and Mozilla.

>> Little question... When I start cocoon, I have this text:
>> ' not found, using command line or default properites'
>> Is it important?

JH> I don't think, that it is important. could overwrite the 
JH> mentioned default properties.

JH> Regards,

JH> Joerg

Best regards,

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