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From "Richard In Public" <>
Subject Re: CmdLine not honouring web.xml parameters?
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 13:32:46 GMT

> Note - in the 2.1 CLI you can specify a class to load at startup, so you
can use SQL
> connections as necessary. (This is directly because of your having spotted
> problem). However, because I don't use SQL at all, I haven't tested the

Hey.  I finally managed to make a contribution :-)

> > I am wondering what advantages/functionality the CLI could provide
> > over a tool such as this?
> I think you've hit the nail on the head. What are the advantages? Why?
With the 2.0.4
> CLI, it is much easier to identify the disadvantages.
> My aim is to make the 2.1 CLI offer more than such things as WGET.
> Some of the benefits it could offer include:
> 1) The ability to write not just to files (e.g. to ftp servers, cvs
repositories, webdav
> servers, etc) using standard Cocoon/Avalon components
> 2) To only generate pages that have changed, reducing page generation time
> time spent on network traffic.
> 3) A java programmatic interface for site building, should you need one.
> These are the ones that come immediately to mind.

These may be of interest to you.  Perhaps you could save yourself some work
by providing Avalon/Cocoon component interfaces onto these.  Don't know
whether there are ASF issues here...

1.  Subversion:  Next generation CVS.  Anyone who doesn't know about this
project may want to check it out. (
 - Would be great to support connectivity for this...

2.  SFTP Eclipse Plugin: SFTP file Synchronization
( )
- I've started using this plugin recently and am finding it very useful.



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