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From "manoj" <>
Subject [Help]SunspotDemoPortal Content Display problem
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 13:03:12 GMT
Hi Folks,
I am experiencing serious difficulties to display xml+xsl content inside the cocoon portal.
I have tried to set the sitemap pipeline to explicitly handle a sample xml+xsl result. Howver
It does not follow the stylesheet set by me and rather give a row result by refering to an
unkown stylesheet.
 Then I tried to add explicity xsl as part of coplet profile (under change / create coplet
profile ) mode. I tried both cocoon:row:/ url and http resource url like http://<ip>:<port>/myapp/style/abc.xsl
 . This is resulting into following error. 

Exception during processing of coplet:
processing of coplet: S5
org.apache.avalon.framework.component.ComponentException: UnnamedSelector: ComponentSelector
could not find the component for hint [xslt] (key [xslt])
ERROR   (2003-04-17) 14:38.20:822   [core.portal-manager] 

I am working on a sub sitemap from a mount directory and here default value is set for all
map:components while main cocoon sitemap defines all the components including the xslt components?
I understand that parent sitemap components are accessible in sub sitemap. But it is not able
to locate the xslt component ? Does anyone knows how to resolve this issue?


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