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From "João César" <>
Subject Re: SourceWrite error :|
Date Sat, 05 Apr 2003 19:02:59 GMT

> I would suggest using an aggregator and avoiding the document() function
> Cocoon. Cocoon will not know that you have referred to an external
document, and
> thus will not take this into account when deciding whether to serve a
cached page or
> not. Thus your employeeNames.xml file might change, but Cocoon wouldn't
> and thus would serve the cached version - not good. Therefore, the advice
is avoid
> document() and use an aggregator.

We're thinking that you're a god (lol), because you're just telling us the
problem we just had discovered, so we're thinking that you're a
mindreader.... :) kidding :)

Actually, we we're empty the temporary internet files everytime we wanted to
check if he was merging the files lolol But incredibly it is really working
:) So, we're thinking that in the end, cocoon isn't to bad as we thought...

We'll change to the aggregate function, as you said.

Thanks once again

Joao Cesar

Computer Science Student's @ University of Lisboa, PORTUGAL

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