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From Nils Leßmann <>
Subject Authentication
Date Sun, 13 Apr 2003 17:33:44 GMT
SunRise still not working :-( If the user is not authenticated I’d like
to pass an error message (wrong password, user locked…). In the docs I
If the authentication is not successful, the resource must create an XML
with the root node "authentication". In addition a "data" node can be
added containing more information about the unsuccessful attempt. This
data node is then added inside the "login" tag of the login resource
(see previous chapter).
And in the previous chapter:
If the authentication is successful, a session object is created on the
server (if not already done). If the authentication fails, the error
information delivered by the authentication resource is stored into the
temporary context (which is named simply 'temp').
My handler returns something like 
<error>user not found</error>
Now I’m trying to access this information in my „login failed“-page. But
how? I tried:
      SunShine sunShine = (SunShine)manager.lookup(SunShine.ROLE);
      SessionContext temp = sunShine.getContext("temp");
Any hints ?
Thanks in advance, Nils

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