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From "Gautam Ganguly" <>
Subject XMLFORM + Oracle related query..
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 13:43:03 GMT
hi there,
  I am trying to use what ever i have gathered so far from the XMLForm
and also related examples based on JavaBean and Xindice.This is what i
am thinking of creating as a prototype:

A user is asked to login or register in the first page...for which i am
thinking of creating a LoginWizardAction which just handles the
XMLForm-action between
Login-(or)-Register--MainApp Page

In the same way i would like to have a single WizardAction kind of
logic to handle a logically related set of forms depending on which
application is selected from the main app page after the user has
successfully logged in.

Am i doing the right thing here or has something gone very wrong in my
understanding of the concept of XMLForms??If someone has already worked
on soemthing related to what i am working will great if you can
give me some advise.

Going by the XMLForm Xindice related help in the problem is
My whole user database needs to reside inside Oracle,whereas the things
like user-context-page and other user changeable stuff on the page will
be stored inside of xindice.The problems or issues that i am coming
across in this case is as follows:
I don't want to write a seperate OracleManager like the XindiceManager
in the XMLFormXindice help.My issue is that i don't want to handle the
connection pooling issues that i find cocoon handles very well.Is there
a better way of doing things than what i am trying to do...??And also if
say i want to acess the datasource connection details in my wizardaction
field should i go about it.

After writing this whole bunch of queries i do feel that i still need
to learn a lot..but i am stuck between a short span of understanding and
a short time span!!!

I hope someone among you might have worked and dealt with the issues
that i am facing right now..if you can help me out i will greatly
appreciate it.


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