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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Referencing logicsheets from cocoon.xconf?
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 06:20:34 GMT
I have encountered a problem, described below,
that seems to relate to specifying the location of
logicsheets.  If anyone could shed any more light
on this, I would appreciate it.
Snippets from previous emails:
This is a little painful, as it means a different setup on
each machine that uses that logicsheet...  its also very 
strange because one of the other Cocoon books -
Building XML Applications (Langham and Ziegeler)
_also_ has an example (on pg 300) that clearly shows
the use of the context:// protocol, in the cocoon.xconf
file, for referencing the location of logicsheets.

>>> 06/03/2003 04:47:32 >>>

I got the support/newticket example working with form validation, and I

recall it required changing the supplied <builtin-logicsheet> parameter


    <parameter name="href" value="context://abc/formvalhelper.xsl" />


    <parameter name="href" 
value="file://$CATALINA_HOME/webapps/cocoon/abc/formvalhelper.xsl" />.

I don't know why the context:// pseudo-protocol doesn't work here.



Derek Hohls wrote:
> Not sure if anyone on the list has tried any of the
> sample code that comes from Cocoon Developers
> Handbook, but I cannot
> get the form validation to work - pp 252-276.
> I have the first two versions of the newticket.xsp
> code working fine, doing validation, updating the
> database and so on.  However, when I try to use
> version 3, where the validation occurs in a separate
> logicsheet, then the form only displays the button!
> (ie. it looks as if the formvalhelper.xsl file is not being
> accessed or not processing correctly, but there is
> nothing in any of the log files to indicate what the
> problem might be)
> I'd appreciate some help with this, as I am really
> struggling to get going with logicsheets and do not
> yet have enough experience to spot where the
> 'obvious' mistake/s might be....
> Thanks
> Derek 

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