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From Stavros Kounis <>
Subject performance - we need your suggestions
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2003 09:43:54 GMT

we are using cocoon for the first rc version
for small projects (now cocoon 204)

Kernel : Linux 2.4.2-2
CPU : 1 GenuineIntel Pentium III (Coppermine) 651 MHz
Cache : 256 KB
RAM : 128MB
tomcat : 4.1.18

the problem is that cocoon is not so stable as apache web server
(in our installation maybe)

many times we need to restart tomcat

now we need to work on a very big project
and he have to decide if this one will be based on cocoon

all the project will be served from one server
and this server will do nothing else

the main point of this project is to retrieve data from .xml
files (using this files as data repositories)

we have test 2 approaches
1. generate xml files in a pipeline and get requested information (nodes)
   using xslt transformation with xqueries in xsl files and selialize this
   (xml) in map:match

2. do the same but using xindice to make xqueries

we need comments or suggestions
- about the performance of this approaches
- how stable is xindice
- if we need to test other native xml database system

Stavros S. Kounis
Development & Research Department
Osmosis - networks & consulting services


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