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From "Marco Rolappe" <>
Subject AW: Newbie
Date Sat, 15 Mar 2003 09:59:05 GMT
hi richard (again ;-),

you may have a stylesheet for it, but from the sitemap.xmap attached I don't
see it applied to your xml.

another thing; you're not getting any images displayed, are you? just asking
because I see your matches on *.gif and *.jpg not being defined within
pipelines. the paths in the @src attributes of the readers are most probably
wrong (I think the one starting with 'cocoon/' is definitely wrong.

let's sort things out a bit; I assume when installing you put the cocoon war
in tomcat's webapps directory ($TOMCAT_HOME/webapps). afterwards tomcat
unpacked this war and you then had (and now have) cocoon in
$TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/cocoon. let's call the latter $COCOON_HOME. in this
directory you have a sitemap.xmap file which represents the _root sitemap_.
I infer you created a subdirectory 'soundpool' within $COCOON_HOME and
inserted a mount for this in your _root sitemap_. something like the

<map:match pattern="soundpool/**">
	<map:mount src="soundpool/" uri-prefix="soundpool"/>

what you need to understand here is _contexts_. each sitemap represents a
different context. and all relative paths within sitemaps are evaluated
against the context.

examples (assuming a normal cocoon installation, i.e. reachable via

1. localhost:8080/cocoon/foo.xml
	the 'cocoon' part maps to cocoon's servlet, thus cocoon gets a request for
'foo.xml'. since all the request processing 	starts from the root sitemap,
it would have to be handled here.

2. localhost:8080/cocoon/soundpool/foo.xml
	assuming the mount of your 'soundpool' sitemap mentioned above. this time
cocoon gets a request for 	'soundpool/foo.xml'. since you have a matcher in
your sitemap for anything starting with 'soundpool'
	(<map:match pattern="soundpool/**">) this request is handed to your
'soundpool' sitemap/context (via the <map:mount>).
	note here that before being processed by your sub-sitemap/context the
prefix 'soundpool' is removed from the request 	uri (because of the
@uri-prefix="soundpool"); 'soundpool/foo.xml' becomes 'foo.xml' and is now
handed to your sub-	sitemap for processing.

3. localhost:8080/cocoon/soundpool/foo/bar/baz.xml
	same assumptions as in 2. 'foo/bar/baz.xml' is handed to your sub-sitemap.

another important point for you to know here is the context's directory
(which is the directory the sitemap.xmap for your sub-sitemap/context
lives). when you have relative references in your sitemap (e.g. <map:read
mime-type="image/gif" src="foo/bar.gif"/>) these are resolved against the
subsitemap's/context's directory.

so, taking your attached sitemap (which I assume lives in

>        <!-- images Readers -->
>        <map:match pattern="*.gif">
>            <map:read mime-type="image/gif"
>        </map:match>
>        <map:match pattern="soundpool/images/*.jpg">
>            <map:read mime-type="image/jpg" src="images/{1}.jpg"/>
>        </map:match>

1. localhost:8080/cocoon/soundpool/foo.gif
	same assumptions as in examples above. 'foo.gif' is handed to your
sub-sitemap/context. your first matcher matches. 	then the reader tries to
read from 'cocoon/soundpool/images/foo.gif' (the {1} was replaced with the
text the '*' 	matched). this finally resolves (against your context's dir)
to $COCOON_HOME/soundpool/cocoon/soundpool/images/foo.gif.
	so this file would have to exist for things to work. but I assume that you
have an 'images' directory in your soundpool
	folder. thus, your relative references to the image files must be relative
to your context's dir. for the .jpgs this is
	right already. but as mentioned at the beginning, the sitemap snippet above
must go into a <map:pipeline> element.

one last point regarding the matching; the single '*' only matches 'flat'
file names, e.g. foo.gif, bar.gif, but not paths like foo/bar.gif or
foo/bar/baz.gif. though I just tell you before you run into problems.

> -----Ursprungliche Nachricht-----
> Von:
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> Auftrag von Richard Cunliffe
> Gesendet: Freitag, 14. Marz 2003 09:42
> An:
> Betreff: RE: Newbie
> Dave and Joerg,
> I am also having problems with going onto the 3rd web page. When the
> link is clicked only the XML displays, despite there being a style sheet
> for it. I have a attached my sitemap so you can check my pipelines.
> The 	<!-- soundpool Database (PC Quick Queries) --> is the third page
> deep.
> Richard.

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