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From "Marco Rolappe" <>
Subject AW: dynamically load an action in a resource?
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 18:52:11 GMT
hi christopher,

I remember other people trying to do this, but unfortunately the 'type'
parameter is not dynamically resolved. this restriction doesn't only apply
to <map:act>. other examples are  <map:serialize>'s type, which could also
be useful.

so in short; it's not possible your way.

but I remember somethig similar (for cocoon 2.0.4 it's in scratchpad);
MultiAction/AbstractMethodAction, for which you could specify a
'sub-action'. you would define a class implementing the methods you want to
invoke, configure the MultiAction/AbstractMethodAction in your sitemap with
the method's names you want to invoke and finally invoke them with <map:act
type="my-multi-action" method="fooBar"/> which would call that MultiAction's
method. please have a look at the respective docs?/sources.

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> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 13. März 2003 17:10
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> Betreff: dynamically load an action in a resource?
> i'm a newbie cocoon2 developer who is trying to create a map:resource for
> commonly-used pipelines for use with my XMLForms.  apparently (here, my
> newbie status
> begins to show prominently ;-), you can send map:parameters to
> map:resources
> quite easily via map:call (i've done this quite a bit already).  also, i
> think you can even use map:actions within a map:resource.  however, i can
> not dynamically load a map:action (which is the controller bean) within my
> map:resource like so:
> <map:resource name="my-xmlform">
> ...
>    <map:act type="{target}">
>    ...
>    </map:act>
> ...
> </map:resource>
> do "map:act" types have to be declared statically (i.e., a static
> value for
> "type")?  or, is this a bug?  or, is this a design choice (for security
> reasons, etc.)?  perhaps, this is a bad way of going about this.
> i suppose
> i could write a more generic action and have it do what i want, but i
> thought it would be good to know why i can't do this.
> TIA,
> chris
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