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From "Marco Rolappe" <>
Subject AW: Problem writing a BetwixtTransformer
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 18:26:54 GMT
Problem writing a BetwixtTransformerhi keith,

which exceptions did you catch? AFAIK NullPointerException and
RuntimeException are unchecked exceptions, so they most probably inhreit
from Throwable not from Exception. please make sure that you are catching
those Throwables (for debugging purposes).

other ways, well... I saw that you already have debug log statements; you
can decorate the other methods (maybe even at multiple places; kind of
checkpoints) with debug log statements. then after the exception(s) are
thrown you should be able to estimate from the logs where approximately the
exception is thrown in your code.

but a better alternative maybe to just try to debug the transformer via jdb
or your favourite IDE debugger; start tomcat (I assume tomcat as your
servlet container) in debug/jpda mode, attach to that debug session with
your debugger, set breakpoints in your transformer source (maybe do this as
first step) and then trigger a transformation so your transformer gets
called (setup details etc. may vary). then you should be able to quickly
find the bug.
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  Hi Marco,

  I tried putting try / catch blocks round all of the code in the methods I
have overridden but no exceptions were caught.

  Do you suggest any other ways to debug a transformer?


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