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From "Mark H" <>
Subject Getting a datasource in the latest CVS of Cocoon 2.1 ?
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2003 23:44:20 GMT
I'm using a CVS version that is around a day or two old and the code for
getting a datasource in an action doesn't seem to work anymore. I'm also
getting depreciation warnings when using Avalon's ComponentSelector, it
seems Avalon is moving from a component selector to a service selector (not
that I really understand Avalon). Can any Cocoon developers tell me how I
might be able to get a datasource?

At the moment I'm using the following:

ComponentSelector selector=(ComponentSelector)
manager.lookup(DataSourceComponent.ROLE + "Selector");
DataSourceComponent datasource =

But it returns a null datasource.

BTW just in case anybodys interested I've modified Luca Morandini's
ChartTransformer to work with version 2.1:

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