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From <>
Subject RE: <xsp:attribute> for <xsp-request:get-parameter>
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 13:41:03 GMT
I tried your "version" with :
But I still get a "java.lang.NullPointerException" error

>Please read the docs carefully:
>xsp:attribute This element is used to dynamically provide attribute
>   values for a given element. This tag is typically used in
>   with <xsp:expr>, where the substituted expression is always cast to
>   String  
>First, let's be reminded that an XSP is turned into a generator. Now,
"element" above referrs to *an element generated by 
>this generator*. IOW not an element of this XML document you're
currently editing! See 
>for a discussion of this problem.
>The logicsheet in question has to support dynamic attributes. There is
no overall method to do this independantly.
>However, most logicsheets use the logicsheet-utils.xsl templates. Thus
for a logicsheet bound to the namespace prefix "foo" 
>   <foo:param name="bar"><xsp:expr>yada</xsp:expr></foo:param>

>works. E.g.
>   <xsp-request:get-parameter>
>      <xsp-request:param
>   </xsp-request:get-parameter>
>But this works usually only on selected parameters. See the logicsheet
in question for details.
>	Chris.
>C h r i s t i a n       H a u l
>    fingerprint: 99B0 1D9D 7919 644A 4837  7D73 FEF9 6856 335A 9E08

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