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From "Sean McKaharay" <>
Subject RE: [ANN/OT] xreporter 1.1 release - Avalon/Cocoon-based web database reporting
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2003 19:49:10 GMT
Well I am currently using xReporter with my company (Greenbrier & Russel). I
just implemented a solution for Harland (you know the check cashing place).
Until now they have been producing reports with jsp pages. Although it was
fine, it took a programmer to change anything and it never had a consistent
look and feel. When I first saw xReporter it was on 1.0 and I loved it. When
I was asked to give my opinion on it, I recommended that they start to move
all their reporting needs to xReporter. You can set up different datasources
for each project that need reports and you can set up users to see what they
need to see. I then started completing the project and 1.1 came out and I
loved (skins) so much I upgraded the project to 1.1. Create a skin for them
and let them know if they ever wanted to change the skin it would be no
problem. It took me all of about 3 hours to go from 1.0 to 1.1 and it takes
me about 15 minutes to create the report. All the time is spent making sure I
have the right sql and not on thinks like are my columns to wide.... All I
can say I can't wait for each release and see how much this grows. Thanks
everyone for all the help and I hope I can help in the future.
Sean McKaharay
Greenbrier & Russel

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	From: Steven Noels [] 
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	Subject: Re: [ANN/OT] xreporter 1.1 release - Avalon/Cocoon-based web
database reporting

	Ryan Hoegg wrote:
	> Ah, well then as soon as I get to my next project involving
reporting, I
	> will be sure to stay in touch, and begin diversifying your
community :)
	yep, that's what we like :-)
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