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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: XMLForm Schematron question
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 21:54:51 GMT
Delis, Christopher E. wrote:
> i'm not sure i understand your explanation.  are you suggesting that i need
> to create another root container (e.g., /root) to hold the password and
> password2 nodes in order to reference other form objects?  that doesn't seem
> right.  or, are you saying that if change "/password" to "password" and
> "/password2" to "password2" in my assert, that it should work (i tried this,
> but it didn't work)?

Yes, I meant the second one. On what XML are these XPaths evaluated? Or 
is it JXPath on objects? Then I guess somebody else must help. Because I 
don't know the according XML structure for the objects.

You can try to write a mail to Ivelin 
(, who is the 
XForms "guru". Or more general to the cocoon dev list.


> i could try creating another root to contain the password nodes, but then
> i'd have to change the model (bean), too.  since my deadline for this
> project isn't yesterday, i was hoping somebody out there has actually done
> something similar to this in cocoon and was willing to share...  btw, i am
> using cocoon 2.1 cvs snapshot (xml-cocoon-2.1-20030210233231.tar.gz).
> TIA,
> chris
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Joerg Heinicke []
>>Hello Christopher,
>>I mentioned it already before: I guess the error are "/password" and 
>>"/password2" as the values of the context attributes of the rule 
>>element. I have never been using Schematron in Cocoon, but as 
>>I used it 
>>offline a stylesheet was created from this schematron XML description 
>>and the rule's contexts were used in the match attribute of 
>><xsl:template/>. The problem is then, that you need two root 
>>to get true out of your test. But that's not possible in XML. So I 
>>guessed that you must change "/password" to "password" (the same for 
>>Delis, Christopher E. wrote:
>>>i take it back!  it still doesn't work =-(
>>>i keep getting "Passwords do not match!" errors...
>>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>>From: Delis, Christopher E. []
>>>>sheesh!  turned out to be a stupid error on my part (i 
>>>>should've posted the
>>>>whole xml file and you probably would've found it right 
>>>>away).  thanks for
>>>>helping!  here's what works:
>>>><?xml version="1.0" ?>
>>>><schema ns="http://xml.apache.cocoon/xmlform"
>>>>       xmlns="">
>>>>       <title>Schema for the Password Form</title>
>>>>       <phase id="passwordView">
>>>>               <p>For password information.</p>
>>>>               <active pattern="password"/>
>>>>       </phase>
>>>>       <pattern name="Password Validation Pattern" id="password">
>>>>               <rule context="/password">
>>>>                       <assert test="string-length(.) &gt; 
>>>>                               should be at least 4 
>>>>                       <assert test="string-length(.) &lt; 
>>>>should be less
>>>>                               than 60 characters.</assert>
>>>>                       <assert
>>>>test="string(.)=string(../password2)">Passwords do not 
>>>>               </rule>
>>>>               <rule context="/password2">
>>>>                       <assert test="string-length(.) &gt; 
>>>>                               should be at least 4 
>>>>               </rule>
>>>>       </pattern>

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