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From Scherler <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and database example
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2003 10:58:15 GMT
section database!


p.s. there is a similar example of what you are planing to do in 
"Cocoon: Building XML Application" from Ziegler and langham! ISBN have 
to search this list for it:

karthikeyan wrote:

>  I want to create simple news posting script.  Just wondering which is
>  the best way to go for this.
>If i go with ESQL way what are the necessary jar to place in my lib
>folder.  I just dont want to place lots of jar files for something which
>i may not use for right now.
>  If you can point my out some tutorial of cocoon working with database
>  that would be great.  I saw the one which comes with cocoon but i want
>  something BARE MINIMUM.  
>  Something like 
>  <XSQL>select * from news</XSQL>
>  Now I presume that the above tag will return xml data, i need to use
>  XSLT and produce the output.
>  How should i go about this.
>  Have a great day.

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