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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Chaining
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2003 01:40:00 GMT
Hello Christof,

Christof Schneider wrote:
> TOMCAT 4.0.4, Cocoon 2.0.4
> Hi folks out there,
> I have a question concerning chaining documents:

it's one of the most simple things in Cocoon 2 ;-)

> I want to transform an xmi (XML Metadata Interchange)
> document to an xml document, representing another form. This
> xml document should be transformed to another xml documnet,
> which is an independent representation of visualisation
> data. In a next step this xml document should be transformed
> to an svg document or pdf document.
> Here the short version:
> xmi -> xml -> xml -> svg
> How do I setup my sitemap to accomplish this task. As far as
> I remember under Cocoon 1.8.x you
> would write proccesing instructions into the new
> xml-document. This will not work in Cocoon 2, right?


> Can anybody give me a link, where this is described or a
> short example. Haven't found it in the docs.
> TIA,
> - Christof

The sitemap is the center of Cocoon. And you can read about it at

An example for your three step transformation:

<map:match pattern="my.svg">
   <map:generate src="my.xmi"/>
   <map:transform src="myFirstTransformer.xsl"/>
   <map:transform src="mySecondTransformer.xsl"/>
   <map:transform src="myThirdTransformer.xsl"/>
   <map:serialize type="svg"/>



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